About Us

Mission, History, Philosophy, & Purpose

Our Mission

To facilitate and foster the growth and development of young children physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages the child’s self-discovery and cooperation, in respect to themselves, others, and their surroundings, through developmentally appropriate activities.

To provide support and education to our community of parents and staff while inspiring fulfillment for all the lives we touch.

The History of First Parish Preschool

The First Parish Preschool was established as a kindergarten in 1949 by the Women’s Alliance of the First Parish Church. The school was established as a cooperative one with parents working in the classroom daily.

With the advent of public kindergarten in Norwell in 1973, it became a Prekindergarten school known as First Parish Nursery School. The prekindergarten classes preserved the cooperative program model. In 1982, the nursery school added the present-day playgroup, preschool, and discovery programs. In September of 1990, we moved into our present facilities with rooms for the prekindergarten, preschool, playgroup, and discovery classes. We also added our indoor recess room for inclement days when the children cannot use our playground.

In 2004, the school changed its name from First Parish Nursery School to First Parish Preschool to reflect the changing trend in the field of early childhood education.

Educational Philosophy

First Parish Preschool provides an early childhood program that is welcoming and supportive of children, parents, and caregivers. Our preschool creates an active, hands- on learning atmosphere in which children help to drive the curriculum to form a sense of excitement about learning and discovery. Curriculum is based on a child’s individual interest, style of learning, and stage of development in alliance with Massachusetts Early Preschool Standards, Creative Curriculum, and National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation Standards. First Parish Preschool is concerned with the total child in supporting their development of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs while working together with parents and caregivers.

The staff of First Parish Preschool believes in their own continuing education in the field of early childhood in order to offer the most developmentally appropriate program for children and to advocate on behalf of children and their families.

The Purpose of First Parish Preschool

The First Parish Preschool offers your child the chance to mature in a positive and developmentally appropriate environment. With the help and guidance of skilled and experienced teachers, children will learn to direct their energies into constructive activities and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Children will gain confidence in meeting and dealing with new experiences inside and outside the home.

Cultural Diversity at First Parish Preschool

We strive to build a sense of community by welcoming each child’s cultural heritage into our school. It is important to us that every child feels accepted. To accommodate families, we will also strive to interpret our policies and procedures in a language they can understand.

We provide books with images and invite members of our community to our school to reflect the diverse cultures of our community.